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Somatic Therapy: Understanding the Wholeness of the Body

Every single one of us performs a role. In society, we all contribute something of value. Some teach future generations. Some lead. Others…
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Our Movements and Choices Reflect Our Emotional Maturity

What is emotional maturity? Is it the ability to understand and control your emotions? If that is true, then what, if anything, does…
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Bones for Life ® and Senior Citizen Day Somatic Education for the Elderly

Bones for Life and Senior Citizen Day On August 21st, Americans have an opportunity to celebrate the wisdom and achievements of their elders,…
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The Powerful Healing Ability of the Mind Body Relationship

Mind Body Relationship: “I believe that the unity of mind and body is an objective reality. They are not just parts somehow related…
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Somatic Education and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Somatic Education: When we experience trauma, it is an experience of both the body and the mind. The mind and body affect each…
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Total Joint Replacement: Hip and Knee

Over the last 40 years, and certainly most recently, advances in surgical techniques allow persons suffering from severe knee or hip pain to…
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Osteoarthritis of the Knee and How Somatics Can Help

Osteoarthritis of the Knee: The knee joint is formed by the ends of three bones: the lower end of the thigh bone (femur),…
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What is Osteoarthritis? Learning about Osteoarthritis Symptoms.

What are Osteoarthritis Symptoms? Osteoarthritis is a name of a medical condition that is the ongoing and the end result of a repeated…
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