Living an Awakened Life through Social Connections

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Living an Awakened Life through Social Connections

When it comes to wellness, we often think of our physical body and the absence of disease. But wellness extends to every aspect of our lives, including our relationships — with others and with ourselves. Achieving balance within is a dynamic and progressive process.  “Perfect” balance is an illusion as maturation and learning is infinite.

Experience is the basis of good communication skills, meaningful relationships and social connections, and self-respect. You have to practice in order to develop this skill set, A LOT. One has to be willing to mess it up and not be “perfect” in the beginning as these skills take time to acquire and master.

Recently, I watched a program on Netflix, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.  Mr. Robbins dedicates himself to offering participation in programs that challenge people to discover what is holding them back from living an awakened life. I have had many hours of training in Gestalt and Integrative Psychotherapy and I have had a lot of “discoveries” that have allowed me to mature emotionally and spiritually.

I was not unfamiliar with Mr. Robbin’s techniques and strategies. For those of you who do watch the video and are not familiar with these methods, stay with it. Remember you can always push the pause button on the remote control, which is exactly what I did. Not because it was overwhelming, but because I found myself wanting to participate. I would stop the program and ask myself the same questions he was asking the participants regarding one’s beliefs that are unconsciously working in the background and holding us back. It surprised me what came out of my mouth accompanied by a flood gate of tears and sound. WOW.

What I heard myself say out loud was: “I just want a safe place where I can feel love(d)”. Even as I type the words I am filled with a sweet loving compassion for myself.  The early years of my life were not safe. The Startle Reflex that babies have when they are born is still quite prevalent for me in certain social and interpersonal situations. The experience of personal safety is foundational when it comes to our wellbeing. Integrated experiences, embedded into “present time”, lead to good communication skills, meaningful relationships, social connections, self-respect, and maturation of personal support systems.

Here are three links with the intention to inform and uplift. May you experience your own personal sense of safety at a deeper level, and may it be reflected in your Social Wellness.


The Root Cause of Addiction and How to Heal It

From my mentor, teacher and author, Pema Chodron: From the places that scare you: A guide to fearlessness in difficult times.

What to do When the Going gets Rough

From a Feldenkrais colleague and teacher, Irene Lyon:

How to create a healthy human being starts here (it’s not what you think) || with Irene Lyon
Learn more about how awareness of the body can cultivate a more awakened life through social connections. Contact me by calling 812-344-4119.

Carol is a physical therapist, a co-creator of Integral Human Gait theory, a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, and a Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence. Focus, Align, Teach and Inspire! These qualities not only describe her work, but they also describe her presence. She is passionate when it comes to reconnecting learning with human function and health. Carol is in private practice at in Columbus, Indiana.


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